Q: What is the mosnart project all about? (question recently asked by Neoteric Art magazine)

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Mosnart’s main focus is bringing artists to Pullman and Pullman to artists through mini art residencies housed in an original Pullman workers flat. Working with the various organizations and individuals in the community, mosnart encourages interesting interactions between our visiting artists, historic architecture, and the community at large. Ever expanding venues include; the mosnart transom and hall space, the Hotel Florence, Pullman Factory and site, Market Square, public spaces, private residences and more.

We are also interested in shifting Pullman from a nostalgic perspective of an 1880’s industrialists vision into contemporary narrative by asking the question: What would a contemporary utopian model town be today? Explorations into: urban planning, sociology, sustainability, alternative energy and new paradigms are encouraged.


If you have an interesting idea or project that you would like to explore or want to talk more about the possibility of doing something exceptional here, please contact me. There are no monetary incentives or stipends so if your project requires funding bring those ideas as well. Transom dimensions (glass area) 12" x 33".   (residency images)

Contact: jb [AT] jbdaniel [DOT] com

Support our artist residency program. Stay at our airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/207218

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